How To Use a Text 4 Info Text Marketing Account

What is a Text for Info Account?

As mentioned above, a text for info account is wholly an information-only account, but with one condition. Text for info accounts can only send messages via the auto-responder and have all send message capabilities disabled, save the ability to set up an auto-responder message. Text for info accounts, because they are strictly informational and not recurring, do not require any of the legal information for message compliance such as STOP to cancel, Msg&Data rates may apply, etc. 

Who Uses Text for Info Accounts?

You may be wondering why on earth anyone would want to use a text for info account if you can’t send any messages from it. Text for info accounts can be very useful when understood and applied properly. In our experience, the two niches that text for info accounts benefit the greatest are automotive dealerships and real estate.

Automotive Dealership

Text message marketing for automotive dealerships has been discussed briefly in previous articles, and we won’t go into great depth about it here. There are some great applications of text for info with dealerships, however.

More often than not, potential buyers of automobiles will avoid communication with the salesmen by visiting the car lot after the hours of the dealership. Because of this, many leads could potentially be lost in the after-hours of auto shopping. Automotive dealerships using a text messaging platform can take advantage of gathering leads from those after-hours shoppers. By using a text fro info account, an auto-dealer could provide informational texts to after-hours shoppers who text in to receive information about a particular car. The auto-dealership will benefit from this by gaining the phone number information of those who text in, providing an instant lead generation.

Real Estate

Text message marketing for real estate, just like automotive dealerships, has already been discussed in full in a previous article. Much like the auto-dealerships, a real estate agent can benefit from an instant lead generation for their properties. The potential buyers of a property can also benefit from this by getting instant information about a property when the agent isn’t around.


Text for info accounts have their place in the text messaging world. When doing a strictly informational campaign, it provides a full 160 characters of information, giving instant information to subscribers and businesses using it. To find out more about text for info accounts, contact RGV SMS support.

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