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At RGV SMS, our mission is to deliver unparalleled SMS services, meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of the Rio Grande Valley. As a proud local and veteran-owned business, we deeply understand the value of swift, transparent communication in our dynamic and diverse community. We're committed to strengthening connections across the valley with our dependable, cutting-edge SMS solutions, all offered at incredibly affordable prices. Starting at just $17.95/month for 250 messages, we ensure that effective communication is accessible to everyone in our community.

Our Solutions

We offer a suite of innovative services designed for maximum engagement and efficiency. From our intuitive Auto Responder and Alternate Message features, ensuring timely and relevant communication, to our Age Verification system for responsible messaging. Experience the ease of 2-Way Messaging for personal customer interactions and the effectiveness of Drip Messages for sustained engagement. Our Text 2 Win campaigns add a fun, interactive element, while our advanced RGV SMS Platform provides handy tools like message templates, mobile apps for on-the-go management, and unique grouping services for targeted communication. All these are part of our commitment to delivering top-notch SMS marketing solutions tailored for your success.

Text Message Marketing Benefits

Did you know over 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes?

Cost Effective

  • Higher Response Rates
  • Save Time & Money

Ease your Workload

  • Send Mass Texts Easily
  • Reach Your Customers Base Quickly

Web Based Tools

  • Log in From Anywhere
  • Easy to Use Control Panel

Popular SMS Marketing Uses

Send group text messages for all types of businesses & organizations!

Mobile Coupons

Get a better ROI and increase traffic, sms coupons get 10x the redemption rate vs print coupons.

Slow Day Marketing

Quickly send out a special offer via bulk messaging to turn those slow days into profitable days.

Daily Messages

Use group messaging to send out your daily message to your contacts and stay connected in minutes.

Daily Specials

Have a special for the day? Increase response by letting your customers know with a quick mass text.

Appointment Reminders

Save time, stop calling to remind about appointments and cut down on missed appointments with a simple text.


Our auto-responder lets you automate replies to all of your opt ins, saving you time and hassle.


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At RGV SMS we understand how important it is to keep costs low when growing your business. We provide our customers the best text message marketing platform and group sms marketing features at the lowest price in the industry.

Up front pricing, honest support, no gimmicks.

Save Money

We are the most cost effective text message marketing provider.

Switch to RGV SMS

We’ll make switching providers hassle free and help you upload contacts.

Best Automation

We have the best sms scheduler with the most scheduling options.

RGV Area Support

You’ll always have live RGV area based support with us.

Easy to Use

Log in from any device and access our easy to use control panel.

Rock Solid

We provide the most reliable bulk texting platform there is.

Top Rio Grande Valley Provider

RGV SMS is the best text message marketing provider in the marketplace because our focus is on support and customer success. It also helps that we have the best SMS pricing in the industry. Our easy to use web tools are free to use and can increase opt-ins to any SMS marketing campaign.

Upon signup you'll get your very own toll-free number to use for texting. The mobile user texts a keyword that the business owner chooses (such as Pizza or Insurance) to your number (example: 888-455-2244 and then receives an autoresponse message from the business. Once people opt-in a business can send future SMS alerts.


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