How To Increase Traffic on a Slow Day Using Mobile Marketing

Text message marketing can provide a very timely increase to the traffic of your business on a slow day. There is 1 simple trick you can use to increase your traffic on a slow day using mobile marketing and, like most other text marketing campaigns, involves providing incentive to your customers.

The Right Time, Right Offer

In other articles about advertising and promoting your texting campaigns, the main focus was to gain additional subscribers through your call-to-action on your various advertisements. This, however, is going to focus on your existing subscribers and marketing to them for additional traffic to your business. Like the sub-title suggests, we want to send the right offer (or incentive) to the customer at the right time. Depending on the business, this method of increasing traffic and be very time-contingent (such as for restaurants) or not. Because this method has much to do with mobile coupons, we encourage you to read our recent post about creating a mobile coupon campaign.

To illustrate this point, we’re going to use an example that was mentioned in the article about mobile coupon campaigns. The example involves a restaurant because offers coming from restaurants are very time-contingent (dependent). Many of you have probably noticed how we, as human beings, all have a body clock to which many of our functions–such as sleeping or eating–adheres to. Many of us get hungry at a certain time during the day, usually at around noon-time for lunch, maybe earlier. A restaurant looking to increase traffic could use this knowledge to their advantage by sending an offer right at the time, or before, when people get hungry. Of course, most people don’t have their email open and direct mail certainly isn’t an option if your looking at a same day offer, but what about text message?

I’d say the vast majority of cell phone users have their phones within arms length at all times. Judging by my own cell phone habits, I have it everywhere I go and rely on it for so many things that I can’t imagine what it would be like without a mobile phone. Because of this trend of cell users, mobile marketing can get your message to the customer fast with high readability rates because cell phones are so accessible now with people keeping their phones with them at all times. A restaurant looking to increase slow day traffic can send the message through their text message marketing platform at a time when people are thinking about where to eat that day. By combining this timing with the right offer, you’ll surely attract more customers to your business on that slow day.


Getting to your customers at the right time, with the right offer can increase your effectiveness in bringing in business. Mobile marketing provides that ability in a timely manner which will increase the likelihood of increasing your traffic on a slow day. In our next article in the Top 10 How To’s for Mobile Marketing, we’ll take a look at how to reduce advertising waste using mobile marketing.

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